Toyota Camry Engine Vibration – Solved

The new upper engine mount / anchor on my 2009 Toyota Camry

I have a 2009 Toyota Camry that has had annoying vibration when it is in drive or reverse and the car is stopped.  It has about 120k miles and I’ve had the problem for at least 3 or 4 years, or about 30k miles, and it has been getting worse.  I spent a lot of time looking for the advice on Toyota forums and they were not very helpful.  I believe I have finally found the solution, which is pretty easy and inexpensive, and I want to share it.

I replaced the engine mount / anchor located on the top right-side of the motor.  The part cost about $25 and it took 15-minutes to install.  It got rid of about 75-80% of the vibration and I’m pretty happy with that.  Eliminating the rest of the vibration is probably going to require replacing the other three engine mounts, which doesn’t look easy.  The mounting bolts are located in awkward places and it seems likely, from the the videos I’ve watched, that the mounting bolts will be difficult to loosen.  The Camry has become my winter car so I’m not going to worry about it for now.

The part that I replaced is not really an engine mount but an anchor that keeps the engine from rocking forward or backward too much. Someone claimed that replacing this part regularly will keep the other engine mounts from wearing out and I’m inclined to believe he is right.  So I’m going to be replacing it every 50-60k miles if I keep this car.

This YouTube VIDEO shows how to replace all the engine mounts and it is the best one that I’ve found.

Some reviewers on Amazon said that cheap versions of this part may not fix the vibration or last very long, so I wanted to buy a high quality part.  But I was unwilling to buy it from the dealership because it cost $125 and was not in stock.  The mounts I found on Amazon were made/sold by companies that I’d never heard of and none of them had a large number of positive reviews so they were all a big gamble.

I eventually found that Amazon sold a mount from Beck Arnley, a well-known company, for about $25 and I ordered it.  Installing it only took 15 minutes and only required removing two 14mm bolts.  The bolt on the strut was stubborn and so I ended up using a 1/2-inch-drive socket and a breaker bar for better leverage.

The hardest thing about this repair was finding the part. Amazon is usually my first stop for everything but I’ve learned from buying BMW parts that it’s usually not the best place for car parts. You can usually find much better prices elsewhere, and if a part is cheaper then it’s likely to be of poor quality and manufactured and sold by unknown companies. Also, many inexpensive items are cheaper to buy at your local auto parts store because the price doesn’t include “free” prime shipping.

I buy most of my BMW from FCP Euro. They almost always have better prices than Amazon and they only sell parts made by the original manufacturers (OEM) or genuine BMW parts. The offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more and their parts come with a lifetime guarantee which I’ve used. A pair of $70 front control arm bushings didn’t last and they replaced them. I just had to pay $11 to send the old ones back.

But they only sell parts for European cars. So if you know of a similar good online vendor of Toyota parts please tell me in the comments.

This Camry has had more problems than my last one, which was nearly trouble free for 250k miles. It still has a driver side window that sometimes and I haven’t been able to learn how to fix it yet.

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