“Paintless” Dent Repair in Rochester NY

The dent caused by a shopping cart before it was fixed using Paintless Dent Repair techniques. There’s a sharp dent to the right of the “i” and a much larger area is also pushed in. A picture showing the repaired dent is further below.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) can often fix even severe dents in your car for much less money than than the traditional method, which is to take your car to a body shop and let them pull, pound and grind the dent until it’s better, fill it with body filler, sand it, and then repaint the area or panel. I’m no expert, but fixing even small dents that way seems to be very expensive and there’s a good chance that the new paint won’t match perfectly.

The goal of PDR is to remove the dent without damaging the car’s original paint, which means you won’t have to repaint the car, which is why it’s “paintless”  and therefore much less expensive. Those who specialize in this type of repair use a wide variety of techniques to push or pull the dent until it’s completely gone or unnoticeable.

Someone left their shopping cart so that it rolled into my beloved BMW Z4 and caused a large dent, even though I parked at the far end of Costco’s parking lot where I thought that couldn’t happen. I asked the owner of the shop that works on my BMWs to recommend a body shop and he strongly suggested I take it to “The Dent Guy of Rochester” instead.

So I did, and in less than a day Dan Rechichi fixed my shopping cart dent and another very small one for $378, including tax. As you can see from the photo below he completely got rid of it.

Here’s my car after Dan, The Dent Guy, fixed a dent using Paintless Dent Repair techniques. It looks perfect. He’s located in Rochester NY.

Dan has a lot of experience and skill and he will be the one working on your car if you bring it to him. I think that is very important, especially if you have a car that’s a classic, exotic or just really important to you. I’ve looked at PDR videos on YouTube and it doesn’t look like something you can quickly get good at. Dan has been doing it for about 9 years and before that he did traditional auto body repair. He has a total of 29 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Dan is very friendly and easy to talk to and so is his brother Mike, who answers the phones. His very clean and well organized shop is located at 1184 Emerson Street, just west of Mt. Read Boulevard, in Rochester NY. Estimates are free and the cost to fix a small dent starts at $150 and large dents start at $500. If you look at the pictures on the The Dent Guy’s website you’ll see that he can fix some very large and complex dents. Sometimes the paint is damaged when a car, or motorcycle, is dented and Dan can also often fix that.

If you vehicle gets dented then the first thing I would do is go to The Dent Guy for a free estimate and see if Dan can fix it. By the way, he did not know that I was going to write this review.

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