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Advice wanted about repainting bumpers  

Member Admin

I bought a 2002 BMW 330i last year that's in really nice condition except for the bumpers.  The front one has some peeling clear coat and the rear one has a long scratch in it. I have no almost experience with doing body work but I am pretty capable.  I also have a large air compressor and I am willing to invest in a good spray gun.

I have several questions:

1) Is this a reasonable DIY project?  I was going to wait for a good day and shoot the color and clear coats outside. 

2 ) Where do you suggest I buy my paint and other supplies? I want to go someplace that can tell me exactly what I need to buy and of course provide matching paint.

3)  I heard that because bumpers flex you need to add something to the paint (and primer?) to make it more flexible.  Is that true?

Posted : 27/02/2019 9:35 am