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Sports Car Meetup Ideas  

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I started the Sports Car Meetup of WNY which everyone is welcome to join.  We didn’t have any meetups last year because I formed the group late in the summer and we didn't have many members.  So I just posted a lot of information about interesting car events, which led to this website.

The group has grown a lot since then and I want to organize some events when the weather is warmer.  So I'm looking for some good ideas, along with some feedback about the ideas I already have.  I'd particularly like to know what kind of activities you would be most interested in attending.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with so far:

Watch a track event at Watkins Glen International - Track events and driving schools keep cars whizzing around the track on weekends even when there isn’t a “big” race that they charge admission to.  I've been told that we can watch them for free and, if we want, take three paced laps around the track for $25.

We can also drive the “old course” which the Grand Prix race used when it was run on public roads. Lunch could be a picnic at the track or at a restaurant in town.

Ice cream nights -  I’m looking for places with a parking lot and a staff that can handle an extra crowd of customers. Someplace either conveniently located or worth a substantial drive. These meetups are likely be announced with only a few days notice when they are forecasting a really pleasant evening.

Scenic Drives - I’ve discovered some really fun and scenic roads with almost no traffic around the area bounded by Bloomfield, Canandaigua, Naples and Honeoye and I’m sure many of you know about others.  But how do we drive them as a group or share the route with others?

You can create a route on Google maps and send it someone as a link.  If I open it on my iPhone and I’m right at the start it will give me directions to follow it.  But if I miss a turn or make a detour to see something it won’t lead me back to the route so I can resume driving it again.  


Tail of the Dragon “North” - The TOD is a famous 11-mile stretch of road in NC/TN that has 318 curves with no driveways or intersections to worry about.  It’s a fun road to drive but it’s about 800 miles away.

There’s a section of road in PA that I learned about from the Niagara Porsche Club that sounds  similar. Their website says “it offers 60+ miles without even one stop sign and almost no driveways or intersections to speak-of. Much of this route is in total seclusion – surrounded by nothing but trees and wildlife. A very nice mix of incredible, ever changing scenery and varying road conditions – it’s never boring.” The round-trip would probably take about 7 to 8 hours of driving so it would be a long day.  The “Gold Mine Road” in PA also sounds interesting.

Coffee and pastries at the Pittsford Bakery & Dairy - I’m probably going to suggest we meeting there at 8:30 AM on a Saturday morning because this is one of the best and most interesting places in Rochester. (I also stole this idea from the Porsche club).

Weeknight Meetup at the Rochester Beer Park - This place is located in the South Wedge and it sounds cool. I stole this idea from the BMW club 🙂   -  Already planned

Breakfast or lunch at ??? - I”m looking for great places to eat which we can get to via an interesting drive of an hour or less. Further away is OK if there’s more that we can do besides eat.

Car Detail  - On a Saturday morning in the early spring we would meet to clean/clay/wax our cars.  I suspect that more socializing than work would get done but I’d like to do this to find out if others have found better products or techniques for cleaning their cars.

I don’t know of any place that would have enough water and electrical outlets for a bunch of us to hand wash or vacuum our cars.  So I was hoping to find a nice shady public park where we could at least fill some buckets with water and where there’s a good car wash nearby.  A good nearby donut or bagel place would also be nice 🙂

I'd offer my place but I probably only have room for 5 or 6 cars in the driveway and on my front lawn.

What do you think?  Any suggestion on where to have it?

Posted : 25/02/2019 9:32 am